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Sales of Quality Boat Lifts

We only use IMM Quality Boat Lifts because of their superior engineering and ability to withstand against the elements.

There are competitors in the industry that will sell you a piece of equipment. Before you buy from them, ask yourself:

  • Will it last as long as an Imm Quality Boat Lift?
  • Will it be as reliable as an Imm Quality Boat Lift?
  • Will it be as easy to use and maintenance free?
  • Will I get the same high quality service that I get through Imm Quality Boat Lifts?

There is only one Imm Quality Boat Lifts, accept no imitations!

Let us talk to you and help you find what is the best option for your needs.


Have a problem with your current lift?  Not working properly since the storm?  Keep you and your family safe with a correctly functioning lift. We pride ourselves in our work and will recommend what is best for you.

Bi-Annual Service Agreement

Marathon Seawalls and Docks Boatlift division is pleased to announce that we are now preforming lift maintenance, on all lifts shapes and sizes. By doing so we hope to achieve our goal of improving customer satisfaction from Ocean Reef to Key West and reduce the number of incorrectly installed and/or un-maintained lifts. Preventative maintenance is the key word for any piece of machinery or equipment that you wish to have a long-life expectancy.

– More times than most, customers are unaware of the general maintenance and attention a lift needs to operate correctly time and time again, over the years we have seen well maintained lifts and lifts that have been neglected to the point that now they need costly repairs, that could all be avoided with these 5 simple words “Preventative Maintenance” and “Call Us Today”

– Twice a year we come out a service your lift from top to bottom
– Allowing us to come out and service your lift will…

  • Keep moving parts running smoothly
  • Reduce lift down time
  • Reduce costly repairs and replacements
  • Reduce hazards that are caused by unmaintained lifts
  • Keeps everything copacetic

– We treat every lift like it is one of our own. Every moving part on your lift will be checked for proper alignment and movement. All the grease fittings will be attended to with the proper marine grease. The lift will be run all the way up and all the way so we know every inch of the cables that raise and lower the lift are in good condition. And finally, we even pressure wash the lift from the water line up to remove any unwanted, grass, growth, barnacles, and stains.


Have a custom project you need done?  We can help make your dreams a reality with custom dock and boatlift work.

We build boat lifts to accommodate your individual needs.  From catamarans, to deep keel sailboats, to sea planes, to large capacity yachts to platform lifts with integrated decking, we are always available to help you in your design, location, and installation requirements for the perfect boat lift for your dream boat.  Our designs are developed in house by our full-time engineering team using the latest 3D modeling and structural analysis software.  We design and manufacture complete custom cradle systems to fit the boat lift manufacturer’s recommended bunk placement.  Our full custom boat lift services make sure that you get a perfectly sized and equipped boat lift system that meets your needs.

Commercial Success

Our portfolio of local work done speaks for itself.  100% of the boatlifts we have installed held up during hurricane Irma.  No other local company can say that!


We carry Imm Quality Boat Lift’s high performance boat lift accessories made from the finest materials and are durable and easy to use. If you have any questions about our accessories, call us today and one of our experienced sales technicians will be happy to assist you find the boat lift accessories you need.

Trusted Boat Lifts

From personal watercraft to full custom designs for the largest yachts, our customers can depend upon our products being exceptionally engineered, thoroughly tested, and built like no other lift for years of trouble-free use.

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